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Freda Sue Miller Berry : May she rest in peace.

  Freda Sue Miller Berry 1937-2015 Although the skies are blue, and summer is just upon us with it’s vibrant green leaves and bri [...]

Jesse Frank Miller

Posting Member: Jenn & Mark Topic: Jesse Frank Miller, the Hulett family and those associated Family Name Associations: Hulett, Mille [...]

FindAGrave Spam

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam… Family Name Associations: Tillery, Miller, Bentley, Pretty, See Location: Barrie [...]

Paying Our Due!

Topic: Paying our Due Family Name Associations: Hedgecoe, McKenna, Carthy, Miller, Berry… There’s more, but that’ll have t [...]

Keepin’ at it…

Topic: We are so buried in stuff! Family Name Associations: St. Vrain, Tillery, Miller. McKenna… Probably more. Location: Barrie, Onta [...]

Woohoo for Oklahoma!

Topic: Francis Cemetery and other updates… Family Name Associations: Miller, Lee, Durnell, St.Vrain – Boxall & Graham. Locat [...]

Huge Updates – Boxall, Graham, Reeson, Rayner, Troop Line!

Topic: I need sleep… Family Name Associations: Boxall, Graham, Rayner, Troop, Reeson – Side note on Miller, Hedgecoe and McKenna [...]

Big Work!

Topic: Huge amount of tree updates… Family Name Associations: Troop, Reeson, Carthy, Miller, Buckles/Buckler Location: Barrie, Ontario [...]

101 Tillery’s on the Wall!

Topic: 101 Tillerys! Take one down and pass it around… Oh, but we should be putting them up, not taking them down… Maybe this so [...]


Topic: Getting lost on the road to having a published website. Family Name Associations: Eckert, Miller to De Hault De Lassus De St. Vrain t [...]
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