About Us

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton,
you may as well make it dance.”
– George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society was formed when we sought to answer the question of our ancestor’s origins. What began in mild innocence quickly evolved into a challenge that has gathered people from all walks of life to seek the answer. Before the internet was really established, it was long talks with our elders, notes and hours of library and cemetery research. Hit and miss, we collected what we could. Now with technology opening so many new doors, we find ourselves standing at the brink of such potential. We are genealogists, family historians and story tellers.

The point of our research has always been to find who came before and learn about the individuals who helped to create us.  Despite religion, ethnicity or lack of moral judgement in those we study, we strive to record the historical truth and celebrate finding it. We do not charge fees to share our research. Our posted sources and paperwork is privately acquired and openly shared.
Our research focus us based on the lives of the deceased and we request the respect of all those who work with us on this matter. Personal information posted by members in our blog or on social networking sites is not involved in our work, and is the private property of said individuals. The living has a right to their privacy, please be sensitive to our families. We do note that obituaries and publications posted as public record are present in our research and we intend no disrespect to the living in archiving these records.

We respect those we study and strive to record history for generations to come. Please contact us if you have additional information to contribute or if you wish to contest our findings at CSGS@SnowStones.com.  We do request, in contact with us and with others, as always: Be kind.

Surname List for Researched Families:
Adams, Agner, Allen, Anderson, Angell, Arff, Baer, Baker, Ball, Barnett, Bates, Bedard, Bentley, Berry, Blood, Booth Peers, Boyer, Boylan, Bratton, Brisebois [Dubois dit Brisebois], Brew, Brown, Brush, Bryant, Buckler, Bush [Bus], Butler, Calvert, Campbell, Cannon, Canuel, Carline [Caroline – Smith], Carr, Carrico, Carlile, Chabot, Chenoweth, Clement [Clement dit Lariviere], Cochrane, Cormack, Cox, Daoust [D’Aoust], Davidson, Dean, Diceman [Deisman], Dorng, Dube, Durnell [Darnell –Darnall], Duncan, Edson [Eadson], Edwards, Eng [伍], Ferguson, Fields, Finucane, Fogel [Vogel], Forkner [Faulkner], Fortier, Gauthier [Gauthier dit Saguingoria], Gibson, Given [Givens], Gleave, Goodbread, Graham, Grant, Hall, Hamilton, Harris, Harrison, Heath, Hedgecoe [Hitchcock], Henry, Henson [Hinson, Hanson], Hermenger [Arminger, Ammaringher], Holland, Hollingshead, Hopkins, Hulett, Hume, Hunter, Hutton, Indsley, Ireland, Jaensson, Jans, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Keffer, Kieffer, King, Kirkbright, Knight, Lalonde [Lalonde dit L’Esperance], Lahmer, Lambeth, Lancaster [Longster], Larson, Lawson, L’Ecuyer [Lecuyer – Lequyer, L’Ecuyer dit Lapierre], Leduc, Leger, Lee, Lepard, Letendre dit Batoche, Lewis, Laveck [Levack], Line, Lyonnais dit Daunais [Delaunay – Delonais – Doney], MacDonald, MacGregor, Maillot [Maillot dit Laviolette, Mailhot], Martin, McDiarmaid, McGillen, McKenna, McLaren, McLaine, McLean, McMullen, Metz, Miller, Morris, Moynaugh, Mulholland, Murphy, Murray, Newby, Nice, Nickle, O’Brien [O’Bryan], Ogden, O’Brenan [Aubry, Aurry, Aubrenan, Aupri, Obry], O’Kane, O’Neill, Oster, Otterman, Page [Page dit Quercy], Paris, Pearson, Phillips, Platt, Plott, Pool [Poole], Prud’homme [Prudhomme], Quantz, Rehnberg, Ross, Ruby, Ryder [Rider], Sackville, Sappington, Scott, Siders, Singleton, Skaggs [Scaggs], Smith [Smithyman – Smithiman], Snider [Snyder], Stelfox, Stevens [Stephens], Stone, St. Vrain [De Hault De Lassus], Sutherland, Talbot, Taylor, Tillery, Thompson, Tobin, Van der Durriens, Van der Laan, VanWinkle, Walker, Walters, Watson, Warder [Worder], Warren, Wilden, Wilkerson, Willson [Wilson], Wolf, Wolfenden, Wyatt, Yoast, Young [Youngs] and more.

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