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British Home Children Park Lawn Monument

British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association in a cooperative effort with Orphan Boy Films have created a memorial for 75 British [...]

The awesome people of Weaubleau, Missouri.

Posting Member: Jenn & Jake Topic: Poe Baker Hartley Stone Cemetery in Weaubleau, Hickory County, Missouri, Geocode and Website, Broken [...]

Wall-e and Gravin’ and AKWARD FindAGrave.com issues.

Posting Member: Jenn, Jake & Markus Topic: Gravin’, Wall-e, and an ISSUE with FindAGrave.com Family Name Associations: Alliston [...]

Walker and Popplewell

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: The Walker Family Family Name Associations: Walker, Popplewell Location: Home Mood:  I’ve got an earache [...]

Correspondence from Montreal

Topic: The busiest trip EVER… Family Name Associations: McKenna, LaLonde, Lecuyer Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Mood: Exhausted! [...]

Blogging on the Run

Topic: Blogging on the Run Family Name Associations: Diceman, Keffer, McKenna, Hedgecoe Location: Southern Ontario Mood: Excited 😀 So, to [...]


Topic: Lots of Tillery Updates Family Name Associations: Tillery, Barnett, Paxton and more… Keffer-Fest Plug 🙂 Location: Barrie, On [...]

Woohoo for Oklahoma!

Topic: Francis Cemetery and other updates… Family Name Associations: Miller, Lee, Durnell, St.Vrain – Boxall & Graham. Locat [...]

Working like Madness.

Topic: Mass insanity. Family Name Associations: Lequyer, Durnell, McDairmaid, Location: Barrie for me… Jules and Kev are in Washago ge [...]

Rain rain rain!

Topic: It’s really wet out there… Family Name Associations: No one. It’s a long story. Location: Maple, Ontario – We [...]
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