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Topic: Getting lost on the road to having a published website.
Family Name Associations: Eckert, Miller to De Hault De Lassus De St. Vrain to LaLaurie, and the case of Felix St. Vrain and George Wallace Jones.
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Okay, so Kev had outstanding luck this week in locating the ship that our first Eckert arrived on, her being a living relative, we can’t really talk about all the details… But he did manage to get together a couple of links that require our extensive further investigation. So far we’ve had no luck in digging up ship records, but we’ll head down to the archives if we have to, or hire someone if we run out of avenues… We’re all about doing it independantly, but sometimes even independance needs a hand.

Then while entering the Miller line we went on a little field trip… Well, okay, we went on two. The first one was actually the St. Vrain Massacare, in which Felix St. Vrain, Indian Affairs Agent was brutally murdered, along with others in his charge, while out delivering disbatch between forts… This was one of the events that spawned the Blackhawk War, without a doubt… And we knew about it roughly, so we knew we had a history page to work on… One of our first, most immediate questions though, was how George Wallace Jones was related to the family, as in the accounts of the War, Jones is listed as St. Vrain’s brother in law and indentifies his body.

After about a two hour search, rather than eliminating one of the de Hault de Lassus St. Vrain girls, we added more people! It ends up that George Wallace Jones, who goes on to be a Senator for two terms and become a General in a distinguished military career… Marries the sister of St. Vrain’s wife’s sister.
Wow, did that confuse you because it had me totally stumped for a while. The sister’s family name is Gregorie… It should be a good time to search up, Jones had 9 kids… LOL

And that brings us to the big news.
After hours and hours of research, I don’t feel like I’m any closer to making my own mind up about Marie Delphine Macarty de Lopez y Angulo Blanque LaLaurie. At first I was excited… I mean, a ghost story, Woohoo for fun and a bit of a thrill right?
Then I started reading… Ew. okay, not fun, sereal killer. How could she have survived if she’d killed 100 people?
Then the research started… I scratched the surface… And discovered the woman could actually have been pretty innocent.
Now that’s not okay.

As a side note, Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches are the food of research gods! Jim rocks with the breakfasts and coffee, oh… Coffee is how research happens until 4am and I’m up again at 8am!

Admittedly, I don’t agree with even the basic concept of slavery… It disgusts me. And mistreating anything… Chaining anyone up is beyond me. Some of this stuff really turns my stomach… Ew, LOL Now I am going to have trouble finsihing breakfast… Oh dear.

Okay… What’s wrong with this entire thing is that someone wrote a book in the 1990s that made this situation what it is, to make a quick buck on a book, and damn the lies they told to do it. I mean seriously if you’re writing fiction, sell it like fiction, go for it! woohoo! I love the fiction…
But taking someone’s family and perverting it to create a mass murderer is crap. It’s dispicable. It’s beyond yellow journalism or creativity… It’s lying. Like bold faced lying. There is NO historical proof here beyond what I’m gathering up to put on a webpage… And I’ll be honest, this woman was stunningly beautiful and highly envied by everyone in New Orleans… If she was a mass murdering whack job, there’d be PROOF in paper, everywhere. I mean compared to the people she’d be in league with, think about it… HBO documentary anyone?

I mean, these people aren’t even a direct link to us, so I’m not indignant in some misplaced sense of family pride. But this woman had children with every husband she had. People procreate, or we wouldn’t be so hard at work… What did this all do to those children, and their children?

I mean the woman doesn’t even have a respectable grave now. How does that work? How do you even get to the truth for all the bullshit written in there to scare people, or disgust them because I have to say, these people that get off on writing about torture need their heads read… My only thing to say there, is really, that’s not entertainment. You need to get a life! And that coming from a girl who sorts out dead people all day is a pretty sad statement.

We’re ovbiously doing a history page on all of this now. It’s sad that we have to… I mean don’t get me wrong I’m as hyped up about a good ghost story as the next one… But make it real! The real details alone should be enough to chill the blood… Or make it up, use your brain…
Ugh I’m sick of people in for a free ride. I’m sick of pretenders… I’m so done with wannabes.

To that writer? Who I won’t name here, but it’s out there so ya’ll know who I’m talkin’ bout…
Two fingers up. And not my tumbs honey.
You give humanity a bad name. You should be ashamed.

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. M├ętis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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