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British Home Child James Salmon

After some confusion we’ve managed to sort out, what we believe, is a profile for British Home Child James Salmon.  It was not as eas [...]

British Home Child Sidney Maidment

Everything I’ve learned and have come to understand in researching British Home Children cannot and would not be possible without the [...]

British Home Child Robert Salmon

British Home Children have really been a focus for us over the last few years – And now even when we’re trying to focus on our o [...]

The Keffer Bible in the I.G.A bag in the shoe closet.

Like most families, the Keffer family has some very important heirlooms.  One of these, in particular, I’m not so sure of the locatio [...]

Obituary: Brenda Kay Wolfgram Moore

Sadness touched our day when news of a distant cousin’s passing reached us.  Brenda was a generous woman, with her time and her know [...]

Stewart Washington Filmore Diceman

With sad hearts we note the passing of our Uncle Stewart Diceman this past Sunday.  Condolences can be made a the http://www.lowandlow.ca/ [...]

The Latest Project of Doooooooom!

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Hullabaloo Family Name Associations: Keffer Location: 3 Different Rooms Mood: Frazzled Music: Louis Armstrong &# [...]

A taste of Keffer-fest….

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Keffer-fest Family Name Associations: Keffer, Walker and Nickle Location: Home again! Mood: Sooo tired! Mus [...]

Introducing… Mr. and Mrs. Keffer!

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Marriage Family Name Associations: Espineda and Keffer Location: The Club at Bond Head Mood: Celebratory! WeR [...]

I’m spoiled :)

Posting Member:  Jenn Topic:  Digital Voice Record Family Name Associations:  Keffer Location:  Barrie, Ontario Mood:  Good, despite th [...]
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