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Keepin’ at it…

Topic: We are so buried in stuff!
Family Name Associations: St. Vrain, Tillery, Miller. McKenna… Probably more.
Location: Barrie, Ontario – But I did just get stuff from Francis, Oklahoma.
Mood: Tired but productive
Music: Kreesha Turner – Lady Killer

Talk about absolutely crazy, slammed insanity… We’ve been soooo busy. Who gets to take time off in the summer? It’s been busier than winter!
Group meeting on Sunday, here, for supper at least.

Jules has finally caught up on FindAGrave. Yay Jules! A crazy amount of photo requests and general networking going on. I’m still on that Genealogy Wise thing… But honestly I haven’t done much but change my photo. Too swamped. Maybe soon, if it ever slows down.

Mark has been going over a paper written by J C Tumblin, who I think he’s decided to contact… About a branch of Knox, Tennessee Tillerys that relates to all of our research with them. Huge progress there. More records than I can file.

Information just in from Francis. Confirmed Jessie Miller died of a flu epidemic while enlisted for WWI, he should be buried in Hugo, Oklahoma (Geez but where is the question! NO luck on finding him at all. We’ll keep digging.)
And we’ve got a pile of photos… It’s going to take us a while to sort through everything, but wow. Huge updates there. I’m super behind with FindAGrave adding graves. We need to take over a few Keffers too, I need to go through them and work on it all. LOL In my spare time!

Photo permission from Steve Yaryan on for the grave photo of Mary and Ben St. Vrain… Still not idea what Mary, his third wife’s maiden name was. She was born in Illinois in about 1861. Anyone with ideas, I’m open to suggestions! We know there was Mary Quinn, and then Laura Bell Annis… and we have no leads as to where either of those women were buried. But Benjamin Scott St. Vrain was buried with wife number 3, Mary… Mary no name. And no leads. We’ll keep digging.
We have a pile of information we need to upload on Marcellin St. Vrain and books from Google books on Ceran. We also have a history page to load for Ceran… Just as soon as we can.

We still have a huge amount of photos to scan from Montreal and surrounding area, mostly based in McKenna research.

Oh and Mary E and Jacob Franklin Tillery are twins. Did anyone know that? I’m almost 90% on that one. I wasn’t getting it at first… But I think I’m good now. Twins, in the 1800s, Wow! Not impossible but sure not easy. I’m so used to finding the bad news lately. Anyways… I’ve got to get back to working on things here. Maybe I can make a dent before everyone gets home and we start all over again.
I think it’s a good night for pizza 🙂

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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