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A Knot or two.

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Blue People from Kentucky. A Knot or two. Broken Notes. Family Name Associations: Berry, Given(s), Hamilton, Hum [...]

Oy… What happened here?

Posting Member: Jenn 🙂 Topic: Updates on lots of fun things… Location: Home in Barrie, Ontario Mood: I’m good, but for my [...]

Find of the day…

Posting Member:  Jenn Topic: The record of proof! Family Name Associations:  Hume, Morris Location:  Home 🙂 Mood: A little tired, but [...]

Dead Ends (No Pun Intended)

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Dead Ends (No Pun Intended) Family Name Associations: Hume, Breeden, Buffington? Location: Illinois (virtually s [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Update-ish Family Name Associations: Hume, Berry Location: Lost in the Ethos Mood: Achy Music: Silence It’ [...]

Blogger’s Epic fail… And more :)

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Epic failure and Update Family Name Associations: McKenna, Berry, Morgan, Roy, Hume, Dean and Clement Location: [...]
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