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The Project, Blogger Errors, Pinterest and the Trunk of Annie Margaret Stone

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Project Armageddon, Blogger Errors, Pinterest and Annie Margaret Stone’s Trunk Family Name Associations: [...]

Annie Stone (British Home Child) & William Henry Harry Blincoe (British Home Child)

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: British Home Children Family Name Associations: Stone, Blincoe Location: In my super clean, fancy arranged of [...]

British Home Children Reading List

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: British Home Children reading resources Family Name Associations: Stone, Blincoe or Blinkcow Location: Barri [...]

I am soooo sleepy!

Posting Member: Jenn & Mark Topic: I’m an Information Horder: The Royal Line of FitzAlan; The Popplewell Facebook Group and Creati [...]

I’m back!

Posting Member: Jenn & Rory Pumpkin Topic: My AMAZING trip! Family Name Associations: Stone, Carr Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: Starvi [...]

Okay, I couldn’t wait.

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Mabel Stone and the new front page. Family Name Associations: Stone, Carr Location: Barrie, the windy city of On [...]

British Home Children… ‘Stone’

Posting Member: Jenn Topic:  British Home Children Family Name Associations: Stone, Carr, Diceman, Keffer Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: T [...]
British Home Children ...

Child migrants sent to Canada pleased with UK’s apology; demand one from Ottawa

Family Name Associations: Carr, Diceman, Keffer — Our Western Home, 1906 Annie Stone, later to take her foster family’s name, Ca [...]
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