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Posting Member: Jenn Topic: DNA Family Name Associations: That’s a good question…  Um…  Okay, let’s try this. Be [...]

Lachine Quebec and then line of O’Neill

Posting Member:  Jenn while Jake goes to get precious coffee! Topic:  A general lack of progress. Family Name Associations:  O’Neil [...]

Blogger’s Epic fail… And more :)

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Epic failure and Update Family Name Associations: McKenna, Berry, Morgan, Roy, Hume, Dean and Clement Location: [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Fun in Quebec Family Name Associations: Clement, Monet, Gougeon Location: Eating Pie Mood: Frazzled Music: Whate [...]

Florence Clement McKenna

Posting Member:  Jenn Topic:  Florence Clement McKenna Family Name Associations:  Clement, McKenna Location: Barrie, ON. Mood:  Profound [...]

Broken notes.

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Everything!  And broken notes. Family Name Associations: O’Neill, Clement, McKenna…  O’Neill [...]

Thanks :)

Topic: Just a few notes and a pile of thanks… Family Name Associations: O’Neill, McKenna, Lequyer, Bentley/Walker and probably a [...]
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