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Oy… What happened here?

Posting Member: Jenn 🙂 Topic: Updates on lots of fun things… Location: Home in Barrie, Ontario Mood: I’m good, but for my [...]

Behind the times…

Posting Member:  Jenn, finally. Topic: Trying to update, which is so long over due this is bound to be a novel. Family Name Associations: O [...]

Books we need to get a hold of…

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Books Family Name Associations: Scott, Lowry, Morton, McKenna, St. Vrain, Keffer, Canuel Location: Barrie, Ontar [...]


Topic: Skeleton Gen Update, Tom Baker, Felix St. Vrain and the Tillery Family. Family Name Associations: Tillery, St. Vrain, Baker, Eng Loca [...]

It’s never cut and dry…

Topic: Civil War Solider for the Confederates and POW, Felix St. Vrain Family Name Associations: St. Vrain, specifically, Mister Felix St. V [...]
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