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Jesse Frank Miller

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We’ve been looking for Jesse seriously for about 10 years.  Jesse was one of those myths, or fables that every family has.  ‘Uncle Jesse went off to fight in the First World War, but he died, no one knows anything more…’
We looked for Jesse in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.  We looked for him on Ancestry, FamilySearch and through the Missouri Archives.  Randomly, this week I was doing google searches and look ups.  Suddenly there was information we didn’t have before.

Jesse Frank (Family sources tell us his name was Francis, but given our progress, we can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t originally Franklin) Miller worked for the War Department in Engineering.  He worked out of Arkansas, but he was an agent at large and kept his home address with his Dad in Oklahoma.  Jesse was drafted in 1917.  He caught some sort of influenza virus, and before he could ever ship out, died 16 Oct 1917.  He draft card is strangely post dated for 1918, part of what kept us from finding him for so long was just looking for the 1918 death…  And searching over seas.

Jesse is buried with his mother, Clarissa Hulett Miller in Crown Hill Cemetery, Excelsior Springs, Clay County Missouri.  Finding them both together was an outrageous breakthrough.  Finding their stones was emotional…  But we were just so glad they were together.  We have to take a moment to that Deb, a FindAGrave Volunteer who’s generosity in gifting us with the Hulett memorials has allowed us to link together generations of a family that’s been long separated…  And add endless amounts of detail to people that deserve to be remembered.

What usually happens happened.  What started as one link, turned into 20…  There were family members all in Crown Hill, including Clarissa’s Civil War Veteran father, John Franklin Hulett.  John Franklin’s brother, Bedford B Hulett who owned land in Liberty, Clay County and who enlisted with his brother and served with him in Capt. Martin T. Reel’s Provisional Company A, E.M.M. 51st Regiment.  We traced the Hulett line all the way back to Alamance County, North Carolina…  The farthest graves were that of Elinor ‘Ellen’ Smith and John Hulett who came to be with their kids in Missouri and are buried in Allen Cemetery.  We’ve got a note in to FindAGrave about the memorial in hopes of getting it updated but we’ll have to see what happens with it all.  But in the end…  We did what we set out to do.  We found great Uncle Jesse…

Jesse Frank Miller

Clarissa Hulett Miller

John Franklin Hulett

John Hulett

I’ve thrown up some vague links, of course anyone looking for supporting research can check out the Hulett line in the Berry Miller Tree.  Either follow the Ancestral Chart or just type in a name.  I’m content with everything we’ve accomplished.  Of course, we’ll add more as we can in the future, but I think we did the Hulett’s proud.

We’re coming up on a busy time of year…  Kefferfest this weekend, Back to School, Halloween.  Updates are going to be slower, even though I have a list of things that need posting!  There will be more to come.  Hope you’re all healthy and happy out there.

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