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In Memory of Jessie ‘Shauna’ Margaret Isabel Baker Brown

Obituary for Jessie Shauna Baker Brown 2019 [...]

A New Line for Research

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Branches and Research Family Name Associations: Dorng, Smith Location: Watching the rain Mood: Yippee! Music: M [...]

The Latest Project of Doooooooom!

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Hullabaloo Family Name Associations: Keffer Location: 3 Different Rooms Mood: Frazzled Music: Louis Armstrong &# [...]


Posting Member: Jake Topic: Break-through-ish Family Name Associations: McDiarmaid, Grant, Baker Location: On the Couch Mood: Excited Music: [...]

The Night before Keffer-Fest!

Topic: The night before Keffer-Fest Family Name Associations: Keffer 😉 Lequyer and McKenna… Baker, MacDairmaid, Cox. Location: Barr [...]


Topic: Skeleton Gen Update, Tom Baker, Felix St. Vrain and the Tillery Family. Family Name Associations: Tillery, St. Vrain, Baker, Eng Loca [...]

Ugh… Food good, sleep bad.

Topic: Just a note on what’s goin’ down… Family Name Associations: Baker, Lason Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada Mood: St [...]
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