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The Walker Family

There are certain things that we never believed we’d see…  And photographs of Mary Wolfenden Scott and her husband Arthur Walke [...]

Presenting British Home Child Louisa Mary Booth

Welcome to 2016!  I can’t believe that we haven’t posted since September…  We had a very productive end-of-year with res [...]

Louisa Booth, British Home Children and more from Pateley Bridge

So much news this week: So many updates! Dearest cousin Marilyn always sends the most interesting information along!  Finally, after long s [...]

In Memory of David Darran Birch

  1962-2015 With sadness we note the passing of cousin David Darran Birch.  Gone too soon, he is lovingly remembered by his friends an [...]

Walker and Popplewell

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: The Walker Family Family Name Associations: Walker, Popplewell Location: Home Mood:  I’ve got an earache [...]

A Knot or two.

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Blue People from Kentucky. A Knot or two. Broken Notes. Family Name Associations: Berry, Given(s), Hamilton, Hum [...]

Nickle, Walker, Howard and more…

Posting Member: Jenn & Jake Topic: You know it’s bad when Mark yells ‘This isn’t a record for Nickle, it’s a r [...]

Behind the times…

Posting Member:  Jenn, finally. Topic: Trying to update, which is so long over due this is bound to be a novel. Family Name Associations: O [...]

Cousin Marilyn Nailed it, and Jenn owes her a drink

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Random Family Name Associations: Walker Location: Laughing loudly in my own head Mood: Mischievous Music: This c [...]

Home again home again…

Topic: An update from home. Family Name Associations: Keffer, McKenna, Walker/Bentley, McKenna & Bandes through Chicago… Location: [...]
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