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HUGE update….

Posting Member: Jenn Topic:  It’s late!  Website updates and more… Family Name Associations:  Bentley and Howard, Canuel, Kel [...]

Books we need to get a hold of…

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Books Family Name Associations: Scott, Lowry, Morton, McKenna, St. Vrain, Keffer, Canuel Location: Barrie, Ontar [...]

The Snow is Coming!

Topic: Searching the Great White North… Family Name Associations: Campbell/Canuel, McKenna, Smith… And a few new names. Location [...]

Out of Town

Topic: Trip to Thunder Bay Family Name Associations: McKenna, Canuel, Lequyer, and Keffer Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: Ready to go! Music [...]

Elvis has left the building…

Topic: A wee break, sort of. Family Name Associations: All Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood: Tired. I’m having coffee. It’s that t [...]
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