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Family Name Associations: That’s a good question…  Um…  Okay, let’s try this.
Bedard, Bentley, Booth, Boyer, Brisebois, Brown, Clement, Daoust, Doherty, Eng, Hedgecoe/Hitchcock, Hogan, Jones, Maillot, Marinier dit Moranger, McKenna, O’Kane O’Neill, Page, Lecuyer, LaLonde, Ryder, Scott, Walker, Young.
And maybe Dube, Cambell/Canuel.
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I am having one wild day!
First off, the British Home Child World War I Solider Project is progressing.  I’m working in letter ‘N’ right now, and am so proud of how far I’ve come.  The everyone has been so supportive and I’m looking forward to finally seeing the finished product!  We’re probably going until May…  But then I’m going to dive into genealogy – Grave recording and everything else.  The whole team is excited about the thought of the snow melting!
Secondly, before Christmas I’d talked to cousin Joan about having DNA testing done.  She strongly encouraged me to give it a try, then she made it happen!  We went with http://familytreedna.com and I had the Family Finder test done.  When my little package arrived, I can tell you I was vastly disappointed with CSI and the various cop shows we’ve watched all these years.  Those swab test made my cheeks sore!
Anyways, my results were supposed to be in 27 Feb 2014.  You can imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail this morning telling me I’d been pushed through.  I was SO excited!So…  First off, this didn’t go as I thought it would.  Admittedly, I had slight concerns I’d be discovered an alien.  But I had basic expectations that got rather blown out of the water…  I expected to see things I recognized, and now, having been reading everything I can get my hands on, all I can say is ‘Whoa’.
My Population Finder results are as follows:

Europe Finnish, Orcadian, Russian 58.39% ±4.63%
Middle East Adygei, Iranian, Jewish 17.77% ±6.34%
East Asia (East Central Asian) Han 23.85% ±1.96%

I’d expected Chinese and Orcadian, which seems to be British and Scottish for the general, and I’m assuming my Irish fit in there as well. What I didn’t expect?
Middle Eastern.  Adygei, Iranian and Jewish…  I had to google was Adygei even was, it’s actually a place called the Republic of Adygea, in Russia.
I also didn’t expect Finnish, or Russian.  If you’ve seen our trees, you know why.  This is stunning.

Um…  Yeah.  And so…  I have a cousin match with cousin Joan’s brother, but strangely not her.  I’ve confirmed Irish at least! 😀
I did a fair amount of reading and still have more to do, initially I’d read that Middle Eastern could be mistaken as Native – I jumped at that, after all, we’ve wondered about Angus Campbell for years on end.  However, after reading Doug McDonald’s opinion, if you have more than 15% in something, I need to consider than I am Middle Eastern.

Next step?  Mum’s having this test done so we can compare.  That’s first.  I’m also going to read eons more.  Cousin Joan is going to run my results through a different result program through UCLA.  Mark has already downloaded some sort of number sequence into Excel and is looking at it with his super brain…

And we’ll just keep going from there.  There will be some site updates for the Doherty line tonight, and the Hogans if I can mange to squeeze it in!
Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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