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Blogger’s Epic fail… And more :)

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Ugh… Blogger.  Let’s talk for a second about now we don’t need to fix what’s not broken…   This new interface is an EPIC FAIL.  Seriously.  We all hate it.  To the point of not wanting to update our blog!  It’s slow, choppy, it doesn’t make logical sense even though I’m sure it makes all Google’s advertising dreams come true.  I know everyone thinks Facebook has the right idea, but I’m pretty sure if you ask anyone, they’ll tell you, just because you create a new timeline, doesn’t mean it won’t suck – and people will bash you.  Same goes for new interfaces that are all white, can’t be customized and making using Blogger a huge pain!  We were first given an option of switching to the new look, wasn’t it obvious why no one wanted to use it?

We might move our blog… But it takes SO much work to manage the small stuff.  And we loved blogger before, so the idea of having to find a new home for our blog makes us sad.  This is just so user unfriendly.  Epic fail.

Boo picked out musical selection today.  She’s also dancing up a storm… They listen to this one during morning announcements…  Everyone should start their morning dancing!

So, there are a million updates…  Where to start.  An apology for how slow we’re working right now, there’s a lot going on for all of our members – Busy busy busy!  We’re returning messages and uploading information and making corrections as quickly as possible – please bear with us.

Connection on the Clement side with cousin John, who has tons of information that we’re slowly going to get posted up on the Clement tree.  Thanks to cousin John for the tips on getting more proof of records out of Lachine too, as we always need help getting the old french records sought and sorted.

A thanks to distant cousin Ron, who sent in some information and corrections for the Roy family, who married to the St. Vrain family.  Some research to be done in Quebec on our end there…  And updating the tree.

Connection with cousin Carl, who has more Dean family information than we can wrap our minds around…  Lots of work to do in the Dean family in the future.  Mary Margaret Dean married John Hamilton Berry, from which we descend.  We’re getting their children into the tree a few records at a time, and are currently working on Elizabeth Given Berry and Eli Vincent Morgan’s line.  Making corrections on as we work, there’s a whole lot of action in the Union Cemetery in Guthrie, Iowa right now.
We have no estimated time for completion on this project. (It’s probably going to take years! There’s a whole lot of information and we still have a list of potential cousins to contact.)
Also a note to any Berry descendants who are reading – We are still seeking out old pictures.  Look in your attics, hope chests, basements and anywhere else you might have tucked away a picture or two please…
Also, if you know where John Hamilton Berry is buried, please send us a note.  I’m still guessing he is in Oklahoma, however, a stone and proof would be great, if you know something about John or this line, we’d love to hear from you.

A huge thanks and credit to the photographer at for his recent picture of the grave of Private James McKenna.  We’re going to upload a copy of the grave photo, it’s on our list…  But just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the time and effort it took to get that image for us.

More thanks to Jenn from the Denver Archdiocese, supporting documents for Thomas Edward McKenna and his daughter, Margaret arrived last week and we are ever grateful.  Those are in our scanning pile, and will be added as documentation this week.

There was huge progress in the lineage of Louisa Hume, wife of Alvin C Morris in the last few weeks that I should make note of.  Now that we’ve been able to spend some time on Louisa’s line, we can confirm she is a descendant of Lord George Humeof Berwick, born of Wedderburn Castle, Scotland.  That’s pretty exciting, Lord Hume’s youngest descendants thought the castle was pretty awesome!

Site updates are absolutely limited right now.  We’re looking at a team meeting later this month, and hopefully progress after we’ve regrouped.

Numbers…  Over 2000 documents added to our trees.  The Keffer tree us currently sitting at 3113 people.   Berry-Miller Tree is now over 1000 people and growing by the day.  738 of the Hedgecoe-McKenna, and it’s not fair to report on the MacDairmaids right now because there’s about 300 people and supporting documents just waiting to be uploaded… The Gill-Morton uploads keep getting put on hold, however there should be updates within the next month before a planned trip to Manitoba to confirm cemetery burials.  Big, big doings all round, and lots more to come!
I’m probably forgetting a few things, but I think Jake will check in this week and try and catch anything I’ve missed.
Wishing you all well,

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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