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Ok, so, was it yesterday? It feels like weeks ago. Jenn and I started digging into the Clements trying to get back to the root at least in Quebec. If I could more than just barely read French, I’d be doing better I’m sure. As it is, I’m trying to decipher records with my 2 years in grade school in the 70’s. LOL

Joseph Marie Clement dit LaRiviere was born in the Pointe Claire parish of Montreal in 1776. He married Marie Marguerite Chabot in 1828. Cut and dry right?

HA! Not so much.

Prior to this union, Joseph had married Marie Francoise Monet in 1799. Finding records for her is proving…exhausting. In the meantime we’ve followed the trail of the Monets back to the mid 1600’s in Quebec, and we’re no closer to tying the Clements back to where we wanted.
It doesn’t look like Marie Francoise and Joseph had any kids. The gap between first and second marriages is almost 30 years. So, do we have a misconnection? It’s anybodies guess. The Drouin records are thorough, but the further back you go, the more the records are degraded. I can’t read some of them for the fading, and some of them are so smudged. I’m thinking the clerk writing them out saw that it was close to quitting time, and didn’t let the ink dry before moving on to the next pages.

There may be a possibility, that there is not enough coffee in the world to get us through this. LOL

Ciao for now

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