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Florence Clement McKenna

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It’s hard to convey exactly how much work there is still to be done, when we’ve come so far.  This is a big update, Jake’ll be making more of those over the next week cause he’s gonna be here working right across from me! 😀

First off, I’ve seen some of our pictures posted online in various forms lately without credit to where they’ve come from.  If you’re using our stuff, it needs to have tags on it like the one above, or direct credit in your tree.  That means if you’re posting your tree with our pictures in it, it needs a tag!  Writing us to say you’re taking our images is nice too, we love to hear from people, but it’s not a must…  Tags are a must.
If by chance you’ve found an image that doesn’t have a tag on it, write us and we’ll put one on it for you.  If you steal pictures of our family members without giving us credit for scanning, posting and preserving that image, it’s gonna be bad karma on your head.  These people are our family…  And we are often very, very attached to them.  We share them because we honestly believe that everyone has a right to know and remember them for the wonderful people they were.  Tags or credit are our only request.  Please honour our request.

Now.  Moving on…  Our lovely tag model today is Florence Clement McKenna.
How absolutely amazing is it to think, that’s my great, great, great Grandmother!?  And I have her picture.  Actually, don’t tell her this, but I think she looks a lot like my mother.  It’s in around the eyes…  The look that says ‘I can and will kick your ass if you step out of line’.
Florence had very white hair, and was always stylishly curled and kept.  I’ve been working diligently on the Clement family over the last couple of days. We have so much information just sitting here in files, waiting for uploading.  I’ve straightened out a few things on the Lecuyer side, and I’ve started setting the Daoust line straight.  Still a lot of work to do there…  But while I was working I found a website!

The Daoust Family Story

I stumbled onto that while I was trying to find out more information about Benjamin Daoust.  Here, let me try and explain it.

Joseph Lecuyer married Rose Marie Daoust, who was the daughter of Marguerite Marie Leroux and Joseph Daoust.  Joseph’s parents were Suzanne Monpetit and Francois Marie Daoust, who’s parents were Angelique Sauve and Charles Daoust.  Charles’s parents were Marie Magdeleine De La Londe and Guillaume Daoust, the first of the family on North American soil.

I ran into Benjamin Daoust when I found he’d married Marguerite Boyer, daughter of Marguerite Chabot and her first husband Alexis Boyer dit Germain.  I was determined to figure out his Daoust line… And finally came up with this.
Benjamin was the son of Josephet Monet and Francois Daoust.  Francois was son of Marie Ann Larente and Jean Hyacinthe Daoust, son of Catherine Chasle and Joseph Marie Daoust.  Joseph Marie was son of Elisabeth Isabelle Marie Pilon and Guillaume Jean Daoust, who was named after his father, his parents being Marie Magdeleine De La Londe and Guillaume Daoust, bringing me back to the first of the family on North American soil.  So, they’re related…  In a very round about sort of way.  It really does prove my theory though, that I should just be doing everyone’s trees because sooner or later, they all merge!  Now I just have to get this all into the trees with records… It might take me another week.

I do have to say a huge thanks to Randy Gies with Find A Grave who went out to Altus cemetery for some picture this week.  I’m rather disappointed that there was no stone for Alvin C Morris’s grave…  But on the bright side, we have young Roger’s stone picture and one for Glenn as well.
We really would like more information on this family, and what happened to them during and around the early 1910-1920s.  I personally believe some sort of accident happened resulting in Louisa Hume Morris’s death that also blinded Alvin C.  Research trip to Kansas anyone?

We haven’t had a return call from the Cemetery in Denver where Thomas Edward McKenna was supposed to be buried.  We’ll probably have to give them a follow up call, but if he isn’t in Denver, then his body was shipped to Chicago.  I’m making a grumpy face right now…  Chicago is so hard to get anything out of!

What else?

Ooooohhhh!!!!  Huge shout out to Adam, who designed a smarmy new CSS menu for the site and we’re just getting the pages coded up enough to make everything work with.  Super sweet of him to take the time to do that for us and we’re very appreciative!

I think that’s all for now… Now that I’ve written a novel!  Hope all the cousins are out there are enjoying good health, there will be more from us soon!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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