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So, our newest piece of super fun technology is called a Digital Voice Recorder.  It’s about the size of a cellphone and it can store about 22 hours of interview recording all on it’s own, but I have a little card to fill up as well so it can go even longer.

Now, I just have until Saturday to figure out how it works!  Saturday is our annual Keffer Family Reunion, or Kefferfest as our parents have fondly named it.  Until then it’ll be a mixture of setting up folders and files, making sure we have the equipment to scan and document all the pictures and things people always bring us…  And of course, cooking up a storm, as someone has to feed the hordes of starving Keffers, Dicemans and everyone else we pick up along the way  🙂

To go along with our new toy, which will hopefully gather up all sorts of information that we usually miss, I’d thought that maybe having a bit of a questionnaire might help jog a few memories, so I’ve been working on some questions.  Keep in mind all of these interviews are geared towards learning more about family history and hopefully giving us any leads on branches of our family that we don’t know a lot about even though most of these branches are pretty well documented.

What is your full name?

Do you know why your name was chosen for you by your parents?

Are there any traditions for naming people in your family that would pass on family names through the generations?

Was your last name always spelled the way it is now, or do you know of other spellings it might have had?

Where and when were you born?

List the places you have lived in your life.

What was the house like where you grew up?
If it was a farm, what did you grow or tend?

What school did you attend?

Did you play any sports or have accomplishments outside of school?

Did you ever belong to any groups or associations?

Are there any physical characteristics that run in your family?

Did you ever travel to visit family?
Who were they?
Where did you travel to?
How long was your visit?
What did you do while you were away?

Did you ever attend other family reunions?
Do you remember meeting anyone there that you hadn’t met before?

What were your parents names?
What were your Grandparents names?

Do any specific names of relatives come to mind when you think of your family history?

Who is the oldest member of your family that you remember meeting?

Were there any relatives who were famous, or who did something that was in the news?

Do you remember any of your relatives serving in the military?

Do you know where your family came from before they settled in Canada?

Were there any family stories that you remember about your family coming to Canada?

Hopefully we’ll have another amazingly successful year!

Our Guru of technical devices is always in the middle of things. Mark is in charge of running all of our hardware, software and programing. From grave photography to blogging and family history, he is our problem solver and independent thinker always helpful in putting together whatever the group has worked up. If you have comments, questions or concerns voice them to him at

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