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Hello again all, just thought I’d update on where we’re all at.  We’ve been working like fiends re-entering the people back in to the trees.  She got through the Gill/Sardinski Tree last week, as well as the Baker/Dorng tree.  Doughnuts and Brownies were had for a job well done.

Our latest accomplishment came in the form of finishing the re-entering of the Keffer tree, and a new concern has arisen.  We now believe that not only were Notes eaten, but people as well.  Quite a few people were numbered in the 3000 range, however, as of final count, there are only 1041.  We can’t explain the gap in numbers and have no other explanation other than the above speculation.

It’s going to be a longer process than we imagined, especially if we have lost people!  Once we’ve gotten every person back in the tree, the uploading of all the documents, photos and grave markers will commence.  We appreciate all the love and support, and most importantly the patience while we sort all of this out.

And for the record, she wanted me to let you know, she’s currently Geo Coding in China, which is an adventure that not even Indiana Jones would undertake for the sake of a lost relic.  The town we’re trying to code, doesn’t want to be coded.   Ahhh the joys of a Closet Skeletonry. 🙂 , On the upside, Mark has managed to Geo Code 900 places in the last 3 days.  That may call for extra chocolate.

We’ll continue to update on our progress and keep you all up to date.

Have a great night everyone,


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