Berry-Miller Genealogy Update


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It’s been a huge long time since my last update.  Currently we’ve veered off course slightly, but not really, just to a different branch while we look into things.  We’re in the process of piecing the Hume connection together.
It’s a very large tree, and we’re working hard to just make all the connections right.  Chambersburg Illinois is a hotbed of ancestors, in more than one branch.  Everyone seems related to everyone…uh oh.

We haven’t forgotten about the McKenna’s, and I’ve got to start getting all of the info on the McDiarmaids and Bakers uploaded to the main site.

Jenn and I took a break from life today and went to see the Avengers.  It was uber awesome.  Much frivolity was had.  It’s time to put the cats to bed, and figure out where the night is going.

Ciao for all now,

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