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Dead Ends (No Pun Intended)

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Topic: Dead Ends (No Pun Intended)
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I knew there was a reason I left my home state.  It slowly drives people insane.  No offense intended to those that still live in Illinois and are still completely sane. 🙂
Eliza Breeden – nee Hume still has no birth record.  Not from lack of trying.  She was supposedly born in Indiana.  No record of her even being in Indiana.  When I do find an avenue with her prior to birth, I’m getting really messed up answers.

Today we started looking for Ann or Anna Buffington, who shows up on the 1850 census with who? Eliza Breeden and a few others, including a couple of Humes.  Now, it could be something as simple as Ann being a sister in law.  She could be a boarder.  She could also be a nanny or support worker of some kind.  Again…no hits on her.  It’s almost like 1850 was a twilight zone.  I’ve mentioned to Jenn a couple of times that there could be an alien connection here.  If that’s the case…Roswell’s got nothing on this family.  LOL

I know we need a trip to Illinois to do some hard core research, but who knows when that’s going to happen.  I just need a day in one of the University libraries that supposedly have all this information.

Maybe I should just let this sunbeam I’m sitting in take over and put me to sleep like the cats.

More later-ish

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