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When last I left, I believe I was working on Pools and Humes.  Tonight started innocently enough working on the Pool family (sometimes spelled Poole on Census’)  This took us to New Mexico for Stephen and a couple of Mary Margaret’s.  Or Margaret Mary’s…or just Margaret M.  We never did completely figure it out.
Stephen married Margaret Evans first in 1888 in Missouri.  At some point they moved to New Mexico.  She died in 1929, and it looks like he remarried?  There’s a different Margaret (McDaniels) listed as spouse on his death record.

After about 3 hours, we moved on from Stephen and the Margarets, and I started looking for Henry Pool and Susan Dozier.  That search didn’t last long as Jenn then comes in and says “Hey!  If you’re bored, you could start working on the Todds. O_o

We’re 85% positive we’re going to find a link to Mary Todd Lincoln, as all the areas line up.  Not direct lineage, but cousin.  So, for the past hour and a half, I’ve been immersed in Todds.  And everytime I turn around there’s another family unit on the same Census.  Which, I suppose I should be grateful for, it will make it easy when it comes to finding records, because I’ll already have them saved.
I’ve got a Word document going with what I’m finding, and saving a plethora of Census’ tonight.

All of these families are so interconnected it’s like looking for Waldo in those old picture books.  Humes, Walkers, Pools they’re all popping up on the searches I’m doing for the Todds.  Which isn’t surprising since it looks like Mark is related to the entire town/area of Chambersburg…and all of Pike and Brown Counties in Illinois. LOL  I shouldn’t tease, but it’s such a natural reaction.

In an hour and a half, I’ve found Benjamin and Frances Todd (still no maiden name for Frances)  I’ve found names of all their children, and I’ve managed to flesh out their son John’s family as well.

Benjamin Todd b. 1815

Mary J
Martha A
John P
HenryCJohn P Todd (Son of Benjamin and Frances) b. 1841
Sarah E(Wife)

JohnThere was also Samuel  Todd of the same generation as John P, but not a brother, as well as another possible branch.  But it really is time to call it a night.

Good night everyone!


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