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I had to add this video, the song makes me laugh…  Tuck in your crazy!

We’ve been so busy I’ve been hording the information rather than posting – I know, a vast sin.  Jake’s post kicked me into making a post talking about everything that’s going on.  Mark’s here writing with me to keep me on track.

First off…  We had a bit of fun this week looking back on the family of Sarah Allen Lalonde who married Guillume Lalonde in Quebec.  Sarah had been captured by French and Abernaki forces at the battle of Deerfield in Massachusetts in 1704 and made the trek to Quebec where she started a new life, converted to Catholicism and married…  Had 13 some odd children from which we descend through Josephine Lequyer Canuel (Campbell).
As if Sarah’s life story wasn’t interesting enough…  We followed her ancestry back via some interesting tree links all the way to England where she descends from the FitzAlan Lords of Arundel!  There are eons of Royalty with links direct to Pedro the Cruel and Thomas I, Marquess of Saluzzo.  Eventually, we might try recording that ourselves…  After the Wyatt and Boleyn lines – On some misty day when there’s nothing else to do.  (Yeah, right.)

What really is truly amazing, is that Mark and I’s families were actually somehow connected in the past, both having served in the courts of King Henry VII.  Given the differences in our genealogical makeup, we’re pretty impressed.  And of course, now there are amazing new places we have to add to our ‘trip’ list to visit!

We were contacted by the General Genealogist from earlier this month in regards to the Popplewell family and their possible origins.  I’m still reviewing the information on this one…  Hopefully it will eventually lead to learning more about James Black Walker’s wife Catherine Conner Popplewell!  I’m hoping we’ll have time to get back down to Toronto before the summer ends to the records department for the cemetery where they’re buried, but there’s so much work to be done!
For anyone looking for further information or connections in the Popplewell research department, this facebook group is really well put together.

Ah, I’m so slow.  Okay…  Annie Margaret Stone, who was involved with the British Home Children’s relocation from England to Ontario, Canada had a trunk with her belongings in it that carries her name and the Project’s name.  Dad’s the Trunk Protector, but he let me take pictures of it ages ago and I finally have them here.


The pictures are a little crummy because of the low lighting, but ‘Annie M. Stone c/o The Matron Our Western Home Niagara of the lakeside… Canada’ is legible.  I’ll be uploading those pics to the tree as well.

Thanks to Wayne, we have a good new link to share for a Facebook page run by Lori (The same woman who was running the petition I was asking everyone to sign) following the progress of the descendants of the British Home programs.

And finally…  Information from a wonderful man named Don, who’s been sending us insight into the very complicated Skaggs family.
There’s actually a few pages we’re still going over that are just transcriptions of records we haven’t placed, but Don also gave us these copies of Elisha Barnett’s personal documents that confirm his occupation as that of a Steam Boat operator.  These papers were in regards to some financial transaction a few years before the death of Elisha.



Don confirmed there was someone named John Potter (No relation to Harry…  Haha! I’m so funny!) in Warren County around the same area at the same time and we believe all of this information is just adding to the person who was the husband of Emaline Dorothy Skaggs Barnett.

And finally…  This week we’re going to take a very close look at Carione Mubern Harris Tillery.  Years ago we picked Carione as the potential for Cherokee blood in this line and had a great deal of difficulty pinning any information on her, even her name was almost impossible to confirm.  Because of her grave stone (First name spelled Carione) and her great-granddaughter’s name (Carrie ‘Muborn’ Keirsey – Later edit note: Also Mary Muburn Noland, her granddaughter from Harriet’s line who we knew about first, but I couldn’t pin point when I was writing this!) and the repeated use of the Muborn name in that line, we think we might have a bit better chance at our searches this week…  And we’re off to the races.  I’m posting this before I get distracted again, love to all our cousins!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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