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1921 Canada Census

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Ok, so yes, being me, I picked William Shatner’s version from when he recieved the Governor General’s lifetime achievement award.  But come on!  It’s William Shatner!

Now, the real reason for posting. The 1921 Census for Canada is now in Ancestry.  It hasn’t been sorted yet, so you can only browse it by searching section by section of the whole country.
However, if you have District/Range criteria, it can help narrow it down especially if they were rural.  If they were in a city, it might make it easier…might. LOL
As an example.  On the 1911 Census, my Great Grandparents were located in township 53 in Alberta, Range 8,5 (sorry, my translation skills at censuses are not the greatest)
So…if you go to this page on Ancestry <— and select the drop menus on the right hand side for the search criteria, it opens the corresponding pages.
There is no option to save the census directly to individuals yet on Ancesty, however you can save them as a weblink in the individuals, or you can save them to your personal computer for uploaded to your own family trees.

Not a perfect solution yet, but, if you know your way around the documents, and also the country and their  numbering system, the information is now available.  YAY!!!

That’s it for now.


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