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FindAGrave.com Copyright Violation Complaint

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Topic: FindAGrave.com Copyright Violation Complaint.
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Today is Kefferfest.  Admittedly, it’s been a gongshow of a week.  My e-mail is being a spaz.  Write at closet.skellies@gmail.com if you can’t get a hold of my through normal channels.  Completing Project Armageddon is behind schedule by about a week and a half.  I’m personally currently in the Walker – Nickle lines.  While I was there, I was linking together additional memorials on FindAGrave.  As well, the kitchen has been a hotbed of it’s usual wonder.  No one will go hungry, that’s for sure.

Today we got an e-mail from FindAGrave.com suggesting that someone had accused us of a copyright violation.
We aren’t being told who is accusing us of ‘lifting images’, which I think is interesting.
However, to be perfectly crystal flipping clear:

Not I, or any member of Closet Skeletons Genealogical Society in ANY circumstance have posted memorial photographs to FindAGrave.com that one of our members didn’t personally take.  Lynda & Gary were in Halifax in October 2012.  They took photographs of the memorial that Private John Arthur Bentley is memorialized on after having been Killed in Action aboard the Hospital Ship, the Llandovery Castle.

The site we supposedly ‘lifted’ these pictures from was:

But again, I’m all for being clear, so here are my parent’s original images.



















The images on our website are attributed to who took them or who sent them to us.  The fonts stock photos we use are from noted sites.  We have posted obituaries in the past and newspaper articles, we also strive to make note of which paper and the date for every article.
Some of the people and places that our tools are from are no longer with us, that’s a sad fact of having outlived some of our sources.
None of us are perfect, but this research has taken lifetimes to compile.  Really, if you want to be specific, this is family research started some 200 odd years before I was even born, and this is their work that this team is simply putting into an organized and digital format.
Maybe I’m being over sensitive.  I know being over worked burns people out, but once again, Armageddon wasn’t planned.  Maybe I shouldn’t be insulted, but then, that’s our integrity being questioned.  We stand behind our work.
Our Guru of technical devices is always in the middle of things. Mark is in charge of running all of our hardware, software and programing. From grave photography to blogging and family history, he is our problem solver and independent thinker always helpful in putting together whatever the group has worked up. If you have comments, questions or concerns voice them to him at Mark@SnowStones.com.

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