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Non-Genealogy related posting.

Google Maps – The Struggle

Google Maps are currently down on the site because google in their infinite wisdom as the overlords of everything internet (until Amazon usu [...]

Pinterest: Traditional Foods

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Food glorious food!  On Pinterest. Family Name Associations: All Location: In the air conditioned house, bec [...]


We don’t often post about the modern world, but this week the country that we live in suffered two terrorist attacks against our mil [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Thanksgiving Family Name Associations: All Location: The Kitchen Table Mood: Relaxed Music: Catey Shaw ̵ [...] Copyright Violation Complaint

Posting Member: Jenn.  Mark’s in on this, but I’m writing. Topic: Copyright Violation Complaint. Mood:  Not blo [...]

Passing the Torch

Posting Member: Jake Topic: Genealogy in Schools Family Name Associations: Location: Barrie Mood: Honoured Music: Louis Armstrong – Wh [...]

Busy? HA!

Posting Member: Jenn Topic: Fantastic Announcement! Family Name Associations: Gill & Kissau Location: Barrie, Ontario Mood:  So Happy! [...]

Diva in the Family

Topic: Diva in the Family   Saidah Baba Talibah, is Jake’s cousin. She’s got an energetic stage presence, and a voice that could ta [...]

I’m am SO not friggin’ amused!!!!!!!

Topic: I’m having a COW. This is a RANT. Family Name Associations: Every person who was born, lived or died in Quebec… Names lik [...]
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