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So, Project Armageddon is progressing, despite various interruptions and mad nonsense, we’re only about two weeks to being complete – the total re-copy of written data.  We’re missing stuff, we know we are, but still at this point we don’t know exactly how much.  We do know the Keffer Tree originally hosted about 3000 people according to number sequencing, and after copying it, it has about 950.  Once the information for the Boxall – Graham lines was added it was just a bit over 1000, but that’s a whole lot of people that got shuffled right out of the picture at one point or another.  I have about 3 written pages of missing notes from information that just isn’t there anymore.  But we hope we can figure out what was originally there one way or another.
The New Database that is fully accessible:
We’re looking at having the Berry-Miller lines complete within the next two weeks, and after that the mass uploading of documents and photographs will begin.  That will likely take until Spring, given there’s over 5500 of them.  And then there’s 22 pages of updates to process.  But who’s counting?!
The Old Database that is going to remain online until Spring probably, at least until we’ve completed document transfers and uploads:
I will note that in geocoding some of the old database locations aren’t displaying properly.  I realized that there were some folks getting married in a cemetery and had to make sure it was clear that we do know the old database has a pile of things wrong with it.  We’ve stopped trying to fix anything that’s broken there and are focusing all of our energy on getting it right in the new database.
Ohhh, and because a few people have asked, I did get a reply e-mail from a rather apologetic Ancestry employee who confirmed she was just doing her job by checking into claims about those photographs.  She’s making a note on our page to confirm we did take the pictures we said we did.  Makes you wonder who was all on about accusing us of ‘lifting’ pictures though, doesn’t it?  Anyways, we keep records of every cemetery we photograph on our server.  When we complete a photo request we often offer the original images to the family…  Despite it being time/space consuming, I guess there’s a reason I’m this neurotic about how we do what we do.
We’ll write as there’s more updates for ya’ll. 🙂
Our Guru of technical devices is always in the middle of things. Mark is in charge of running all of our hardware, software and programing. From grave photography to blogging and family history, he is our problem solver and independent thinker always helpful in putting together whatever the group has worked up. If you have comments, questions or concerns voice them to him at

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