Diva in the Family

Topic: Diva in the Family


Saidah Baba Talibah, is Jake’s cousin. She’s got an energetic stage presence, and a voice that could tame a savage beast.
Raw, pure, dynamic and so many other words describe this Artist. She’s working on releasing her first Album. An indy artist needs as much exposure as possible, and she’s even more special because she’s family. She’s one of the hardest working people we know and are very proud of her.
She comes by her music honestly, as her mother was the incomparable Salome Bey, and was her biggest influence growing up. Check her out at Blog, and also on Youtube and Facebook. One listen and we were hooked, and not just because she’s family. 😉

Tech Geek and Adventurer, Jake spends his time on research and development to keep us in the latest and greatest of tools and equipment. Always one for traipsing off to any location, his passion for travel, photography and history pushes us to never quit. Also find Jake in his personally crafted fortress of Blogdom: Random Acts of Jake

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