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Happy Thanksgiving

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It’s the unofficial start of Holiday Season here in Canada.  Today is Thanksgiving for us.  We’re all together for the day, the house smells divine, and it’s neither too warm, nor too cold outside.  It’s a perfect fall day.On days like this, it’s important to be thankful.  That may sound kind of cliche or tacky, but it’s true.  I think as a modern society, we’ve lost some of the importance of why certain days were set aside.
I’m thankful today for the love of family and friends.  I’m grateful for the sacrifices of of past generations that have paved the way for the safety and bounty we enjoy.  I’m blessed to have a roof over my head, and a job.  And Pie…I’m very thankful for Pie.I’ve also been thinking a lot about “Jenn’s Boys”  The project that she dedicated to the British Home Children.  She poured her soul into it, and gave those boys a voice.  She did a great thing in helping to open doors to raising awareness about the 1000’s of boys and girls that were exploited, and who in being sent here, really set the groundwork for the advances this country has seen in the last 150 years.  10% of the population can draw lines to a BHC in this country.  At least that’s what I believe I read.Take time today, whether you live in Canada or no, to reflect on what you’re thankful for.
I wish everyone a wonderful Monday!

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