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Family Name Associations: Keffer, Diceman, Boxall and Lequyer
Location: Barrie, Ontario
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Okay, first off we have been updating the Keffer stuff like crazy mad monkeys. Mark’s actually getting a scanner here on Thursday that scans negatives and slides, woohoo! Which means the 200 some odd negatives Dad had hidden in the basement are going to be actual photographs in about a week. There’s one of the Diceman girls in a sled, I cannot wait to see it done up. Really, these are thrilling times people!!!
Graves are being added daily to our site… I just sent a DVD of photos out tonight to the US in hopes of helping out their research down there. We haven’t gotten anywhere with FindAGrave… But I’m thinking of making clones of myself. Then maybe we’ll get through half of the things we have to do in this lifetime πŸ˜›

Great connection with a Diceman researcher this week. Can’t wait to get together with them and share stuff, really, time is the biggest issue right now! Considering going onto the Maple archives to see if they ended up with the Family Bibles, but we might ask around first at Keffer-Fest because it’s on SATURDAY! Woohoo for yummy food and furthering research!
We’re hoping Aunt Caroline is going to have some sort of internet access… Oh, for a rich patron who wanted to buy is all internet sticks! πŸ˜‰

Short chat tonight with Aunt Linda, we’re stuck on finding a birth certificate for Lorraine Wallis Boxall from about 1893 in New York, USA. He’s soooo difficult. If we can’t find him, really there’s not going to be any hope of getting more information together on Lillian Wakeman, or what really happened to their family. Did she die as Alfred later claimed on a census? Is the family rumour about her remarrying Alfred, only to find out her MIA soldier husband really wasn’t dead and he’d come back to claim her really true??? Enquiring minds want to know!
Seriously, Days of our Lives could take tips from our notes…

And finally… The Lequyers, oh I’m bouncing in my seat typing this! It’s huge. HUGE… We’ve made contact with living descendants who have PICTURES and INFORMATION! Imagine!!! Cousins πŸ™‚
Absolutely thrilled there, more information is bound to come. And we uploaded a few errant census that had been missing from the site – I don’t know why, you know what it can be like around here, right? Chaos… Especially when we’re working in the summer verses sunning ourselves by the bay.


Check out how Leon Lequyer progressed through a little paper trail… I’m still hoping for US papers, but we’ll see where we get to. Right now, we’re knocking off to go watch ‘Horsemen’ and nibble popcorn.

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