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Family Name Associations: Lequyer and the 100 different variants of it… Ladouceur too πŸ™‚
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Seriously nothing like a 500 word blog post that’s all about nonsense and has no relevance.
Okay, so I have this theory, about how you don’t find anything you’re looking for when you want it, but when you’re supposed to be working on the Keffer tree, there’s a 100 new Lequyers and everything makes sense.

I’m going to post everything in here in a huge rambling gob just because that’s how I roll. Old School baby! But I can safely say that this is huge, and it really answers a lot of questions a lot of people have had for eons with no answers.

Albina Lequyer, or Lecuyer as she was born as, was the first born daughter of Rose LaLonde and Leon Lequyer that we have record of. We assumed (Stupid us!) that she’d died in infancy like Marie Rachel Cordelia. However… Today we realized Albina didn’t die, as a matter of fact her descendants are running all over New York and probably half the US… It started when I found this record for Anna May Ladouceur – A wedding record for her second marriage that listed both her parents, John and Albina Ladouceur.
I thought they’d just gotten the parent’s name wrong – They do it all the time with old names, right? And stranger things have happened.
I was so wrong.
It was bugging me though… So I started digging… It all seemed rather strange that it wasn’t Pamelia and William Ladouceur, I mean that’s the relationship we know about. The sister we were aware of. Who could have guessed that Albina was really alive and married to William’s brother John, who is really Jean Baptiste Ladouceur!
I found Anna May’s first marriage license, and low and behold, John and Albina are listed as her parents again… I raced back to the Drouin records to confirm Albina’s name…
Holy cows! Then I pieced together the whole tree… I’m still hunting census, what I can’t find Kev will. Jake did addresses for me tonight… But it’s all so true, and stunning!

John and Albina’s son Adolphus Ladouceur moved back to the US (Apparently he was born there, maybe that’s why we’re having trouble placing everyone) and we know that Albina’s family (Rose LaLonde and Leon Lequyer) had been to New York because their daughter Josephine was born there. Adolphus Ladouceur married a girl here in Ontario, her name was Julia Gaughan, apparently a ton of her siblings moved south too… And bingo. We have a huge tree we didn’t have this morning. It’s going to take us months to sort all this out, and go further back with the Ladouceur family.

When Jake got here and started looking, all I could say was ‘There’s newspapers!’ There’s a pile of obits and general chatter about the family in Syracuse, New York. How frigging cool is that?!

Needless to say, we’re probably related to every Ladouceur in New York at this point. I haven’t even had the time to check into FindAGrave, but that’s on my list. I’ll be adding it to the tree as I can. The newspaper articles are slow because my laptop is crying over memory (It has 4 gigs for crying out loud!) but I’ll get it all… We’ll get it all. Cause we’re rockstars πŸ˜‰

We need to get back to Washago and do some leg work. Uptergrove for starters… If we didn’t have the reunion this weekend we could do it. Hey, who’s free Sunday???

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