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Blogging on the Road

Topic: Blogging on the Road
Family Name Associations: Keffer, Quantz, Line, Watson, Murray and more!
Location: Maple, Ontario
Mood: Exhausted but accomplished!
Music: Black Eyed Peas! Good Night!

We’re headed to Maple this morning – Well, it’ll be noon by the time we get there, but cool none the less. This morning it’s to the Zion Lutheran Church, one of the cornerstones of Ontario Keffer heritage.

We haven’t been in about 10 years, believe it or not. It was one of the first locations we ever did, and going back all together is just a cool experience and a little bit of a trip down memory lane!

We should be able to locate our Great Grandparents graves today, and several generations back, so we’re looking forward to updates all around. We might do Thornhill again today and hope it’s open, and Glenview if we can pull it off.
Big dreams to get three places done but we’ll have a pile of us with cameras 🙂

You know what’s the yummiest on road trips? Coffee. Tim Horton’s coffee makes CSGS happy!

Oh, and last night we heard from a cousin in the Lequyer Family. How exciting is that??? A fellow researcher too, way too cool, there will be more updates when we’ve managed to connect all the dots and add to the tree.

Wow it’s hot today. Really, it’s got to be 30 out here. The smog is crazy. Oh and we just hit construction, LOL oops.
You know what’s the best about Kev on roadtrips? He DJs the whole time through, seriously it’s me Jules and the kids in the back with the tunes, grooving away!

Okay, here we go… I’ll be back once we’ve hit our first stop!
Oh, Black Eyed Peas! It is going to be a good night! 🙂

We had outrageous success at the Zion Lutheran Church, we did every stone, I’m hoping the shots were good. There was also some sort of head stone with a massive index of our earliest burials and their corresponding lot numbers. I wrote them out – Not thinking I should have typed it! We also got a huge amount of photos, really, we’re all exceptionally pleased with ourselves.

A short break at Kelsey’s for lunch… And then we’re hoping the office at Glendale/Glenview will be open to direct us to Goldie and Gib’s raves. After that, there was a set of stones in Maple on the way through we’d like, and that strange set on Duffrin… Both are game if we can pull it off.
Okay, lunch and then more… Woohoo! Go team.

So we got out to Glenview, Glendale, whatever they’re calling it today… We had the office tell us where to find Granny and our Grandfather… We put out poppies. It went well, was emotional, and we felt really accomplished.

Then we hit Richmond Hill, got quite a few shots in there… Then headed towards the second smaller cemetery back in Maple. All went well and good until it started pouring…
We got absolutely soaked, and drove home wet 🙂
I’m waiting for my turn in the hot shower! And posting this so it’s all updated 🙂
Photos and updates to come!


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