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Where oh where are the Boxalls from?

Topic: The Boxalls
Family Name Associations: Boxall
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So the answer is to drive right into everything, right? To update what has been done over the last few months while I was in mourning and then dealing with Christmas and then dealing with Chinese New Years and then dealing with a month of Birthdays… I know I said we have all been insanely busy, but I can’t convey the insanity. Anyways… To update what has been going on:

We changed the layout of the site for last names so that we’ve got a rather huge alphabetical index that’s easy enough to use and will house pages on names, heraldry and so on. It looks pretty good, now if we can just get sorted out, we’ll have a working menu on all pages, and we’ll actually be able to get everything functioning online.

Anyways, the biggest issue in all of the pages is the Boxalls. Where the hell are they from??? I honestly think someone made the name up. We have a possible connection in England but the guy is confused at best. Possibly has 3 wives and 25 some odd accredited children. Hello?!
The population is completely located around New York and Ontario… It’s obvious that we’re missing something. But what?
If they weere Foxalls, why the error, and there would be proof… Even if it’s just a census writer’s error, there would be proof some way or another. Really, what’s demanding is British census research… LOL What else is new.

Blinkies… Yeah, I have an obsession to admit.
Our profiles are a mounting thing of disgust for me, so I finally snapped and decided we’re adding blinkies to our little descriptions for something fun. And if we don’t get pictures soon I might make everyone dollz in their place. Isn’t it a little sad that we can’t even get this organized? It is hard though, especially with everyone working so hard.

With St. Pat’s Day coming up, it’s praying on my mind that we really need to focus on the McKenna’s and when they came here from Ireland. Of course, this means more long hours of reading records in archaic french… You can see why we’re all slacking – Especially me, being the only one who’s bilingual.
But there really is more of a need to work on those lines… So maybe within the next few weeks.

That’s really about it. With Gran’s passing we inherited a pile of papers that we’re still sorting, organizing or scanning. One of the most stunning finds for me personally was my mother’s baby book that had the name ‘Lecuyer’ written in it as A. Campbell’s wife… I mean, I know we know what we know, but that’s like living history for me. I mean it doesn’t get any more like confirmation than that.

So there’s my real update. I have promised to keep at this… It should all go smoothly until something else hits the fan!
Go team go…

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. M├ętis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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