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Quick update to catch everyone up on the insanity. LOL  Yes, it always seems like it’s insanity around here doesn’t it?  We took a bit of a hiatus after the holidays, but are starting to get the big machine moving again this week.  And what a big machine it is!
We jumped back into the Berry/Miller tree again.  The work is never done on that side, not that the work is ever done on any of the many branches, however, the Berry/Miller seems to be the biggest undertaking in Genealogical history.
Still we made some strides this week with the Barnetts, which lead us to the Thompsons, which lead me to the Graves one family of which took me 8 hours to sort out and upload.  What a mess!  Especially when Barnetts and Thompsons kept swinging in and out of it.  Why did I let Jenn talk me into going into that forest again?  LOL
I’m still at a standstill with the Dorngs.  I’m on the verge of a breakthrough with the Arffs I think.  And in a couple of months I’ll be ready to jump back into the Highlands again.  Stupidly I didn’t think when one of my friends was back home in Glasgow to have her go snap some shots of Coatbridge for me.  DOH!

There will be more updates as we continue to trudge through.  It’s still a very busy time of year for us around the house, so they may still be sporadic for the next little bit.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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