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Cousin Marilyn Nailed it, and Jenn owes her a drink

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Cousin Marilyn identified Percy Robert Walker’s name on the death cert. of Arthur John Walker.  This connected the families of Arthur John Walker and Robert Walker.  She also located the ship that Arthur Walker’s family came over to Philadelphia on in 1850.  WOOT!

We’ve been stuck on his family however for a couple of days.  And by stuck, I really do mean…no progress.  Quebec usually has AMAZING records of births, marriages, deaths etc.  And don’t get me wrong there are probably more Walkers in Quebec that have records than Walkers in England and Scotland combined.  But none of them have anything to do with Arthur and his family.  Jane was supposed to have been born in Quebec.  I’ve gone through over 300 record pages so far, and nothing in the Drouin.  What’s that about?

However, and forgive my cheekiness, I did find a record while searching for Mary Scott.  The person was W A Bastard.  I turn to Jenn, and ask…”I wonder if the first name is What?”  Yes, I have a bizarre sense of humour.

We may have found indication that Mary’s middle name was Wolfenden, based on a marriage record that we did find last night.  I’d love to believe it’s a breakthrough, but in a total of 8 hours of research so far, I have failed to come up with proof beyond that, or that this Mary, and her husband Arthur are the ones we are looking for.
I’ve met enough families with such similar names to not discount the idea that there was another Mary and Arthur Walker in Quebec.

We’ll keep prodding though, the breakthrough is just around the corner I’m sure.  We’ll update more as we find it.

Thanks again Cousin Marilyn!!!


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