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Topic: You know it’s bad when Mark yells ‘This isn’t a record for Nickle, it’s a record for Pickle!’
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Jake’s hooking us up with some tunes here…  We have had the longest day EVER.  For anyone that dares to click that button – I am not to blame for it sticking in your head for eons, until you scream, tear your hair, and beg for it to stop…  And when you find yourself humming it at strange times, like 11:30pm while you’re kneading your bread (Yes, I make my own bread), it really, really isn’t my fault then either.

So, about two months ago we started on a bit of a quest to fill in more information on the Bentley-Walker lines on our tree…  This quest was spawned from a conversation during a dinner party, that led to a deeper understand of Iron Hill, Quebec…. That conversation was coincidentally involing a Nickle.
Two days ago we made a rather shocking realization.  Nickle, which is one of our family names on the Keffer side, is actually related on the Walker tree… to none other than ME!

Basically, Quebec is a very small place, for being so large… And cousin Marilyn gets all the credit (blame) for ‘It’s a Small World’.

We spent the day today with our Nickle relatives, laughing about how my Aunt is my Cousin, or some such arrangement.  Actually, my Aunt is probably my mother’s fourth cousin… But that’s getting way, way too complicated.  The good news is that I shouldn’t have to go too far for old pictures of the Nickle line, descended from Samuel Nelson Nickle.  Samuel who was brothers with James, who was married to our Mary Ann Walker.  Yay for bramble bushes instead of boring old straight growing trees!  We love challenges… Really. ♥

In other madness, the Nickle line married into the Howard line as well, although I’m having a hard time placing Walter, son of John Howard.  That might be because it’s so late though, my eyes are tired!
There’s also something strange going on with McKennas possibly being tied to the Stevens family.  Nothing like going to add records and not knowing which George Stevens you were looking for!

There’s obviously so much more to come with all these families and their ancestors and descendants.  We’d really like to thank everyone for their support and help while we dig into the past to unearth all these treasures!

It’s a small, small world!
And just because I’m sweet – For those of you humming along…  Hum this, it’s supposed to get any song out of your head! 😛

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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