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Just a quick post, which will probably be added to later by anyone needing to remember books that need to be hunted up or tracked down.  I’m putting up their information here before I misplace them in the terror that is currently my office.

Information from

GORDON, Elizabeth M. (Betty), compiled by : THE DESCENDENTS OF WILLIAM GORDON [“The Gordons of Goulbourn”] [“The Lowrys of Huntley and Fitzroy”]

Published by the author, NP (Ottawa, ON), ND (1977)

Possibly a unique document, the only other copies (if any exist) most likely being in the hands of family members. This is a photocopy of a private family history, the original having been typed on 8 1/2 x 11″ paper (one side only) and then this copy being produced by the old photocopy process (i.e., not xexox), the quality of reproduction thus being inferior, but the text still perfectly legible, although the quality of the family photos is poor. A preliminary page identifies this as “A New Horizons Project / One of a Series of Genealogical Studies / Produced by / The Heirs of History / 1977”. Contains an Index of Names and of Plates (photos). About 150 pages in all. Contents bound in an “Accopress” folder. Good condition., 4to,. Illustr: black-&-white illustrations.

Bytown or Bust suggests that the Ottawa Public Library’s Genealogy Society might have a copy, which wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest…  But no ideas as to if we can get a version of it for under $50 US right now.  Definitely a reason to take a research trip to Ottawa!

Update: 25 Feb 2012 – Can’t be borrowed from Ottawa by inter-library loan.  Listed as a juvenile reading book.  We’re going to have to contact Ottawa directly to make sure this is even the reference we’re looking for.

Did Freda and Gayle get us a copy of this?  We need Old Fort St. Vrain, by Diane Brotemarkle…  Something makes me think we had a copy or someone had a copy somewhere..  I’m sure we had information from it.  Published in 2001.  Johnson Printing; Boulder, Colorado; ISBN 0-9712372-0-4

A Students Guide to Irish American Genealogy by Erin McKenna.
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Greenwood; annotated edition edition (October 30, 1996)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0897749766
ISBN-13: 978-0897749763

Relation unknown, however there’s a review that mentions the author originated from Chicago and sought out roots in Ireland. Given the names involved, I can’t say it’s not likely there’s a relation.

Found this link off an Ancestry board where someone was recommending to cousin Joan in regards to seeking out McGillens.  Google Books – Illinois Political Directory 1899
It should have a blurb on John McGillen and a photograph of him around pg 165.

History of the McKennas by Anthony Matthews
Publisher: A Mathews (1972)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0902938053
ISBN-13: 978-0902938052

Relation unknown, completely unsure of it’s relevance but there was a link to it on a site I was skipping over.


“A Short History of William George and Sarah Ann Hamilton Family” written by Gladys Aileen Hamilton circa 1977.  Two people know about this ‘book’ which might be more like a published family history…  But one way or another, apparently exists.  Can’t find it online but for listings of people knowing about it.  Decidedly need to hunt it up!


The Genealogy Society of Rimouski through the Archdiocese published this book on the area’s history: Rimouski  I’m assuming it’s written in french because the whole site is.  Specific reference to the Mi’kmaq and to Canuel Island.

Still need this genealogy…  Not really a book so much as a booklet, kept in the Library of Congress.  Long trip, really wish they’d invest in putting this stuff online!  Not to mention once we got in there no one would want to leave…

Genealogy of Hans Adam Kefer with historical and biographical sketches, written by Eugene Robert Keffer

New much needed book:

I’m wondering if these records aren’t on cd or something.  That would be SUPER helpful.  Tired of the madness of searching for records that shouldn’t be hard to find! 😛

Update 28 Jun 2012 – Need to just make a note for a book we have to get a hold of:
The Darnall, Darnell family, including Darneal, Darneille, Darnielle, Darnold, Dernall, Durnall, Durnell, and names variously spelled, with allied families, Volume 2 by Harry Clyde Smith & Avlyn Dodd Conley.

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