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Topic: Skeleton Gen Update, Tom Baker, Felix St. Vrain and the Tillery Family.
Family Name Associations: Tillery, St. Vrain, Baker, Eng
Location: Barrie, Ontario… It feels like Mars?
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I’ve been writing at Genealogy Wise, looking for links, people… LOL help. No real connections today. But we’re trying. Jake’s joined it with me. Together, we shall take over the world! (Now he’s going to hum the Pinky and the Brain theme song!)

We wrote to a Chinese Genealogy website about help with Chong Eng. We’re hoping they’ve at least heard of the place he’s supposed to be from. That might be a big lot of hope pinned on nada, but hey, all we can do is try. Then 60 years from now some great grand child of Jakes can really look into it. Assuming there aren’t some nasty political papers shuffled off to Area 51.

Jake is working on a page for the illustrious Thomas Davidson Baker, patron of arts, medical sciences and teachers everywhere. He’s got some nice thistle brushes for PSP 9 that he’s going to have to start sharing. I’m uber jealous.

We read up on Pea Island and all the Confederate and Union Soldiers at Fort Delaware… I hope I spelled all that right. Basically now it’s a question as to misfiling… I dunno.
I have what could be a record for Felix St. Vrain signing up in PA, I need to do more research… So within the next few days we’re hoping to have a little more insight.

We updated with some pretty graphics. It looks super cute, Markus gets all the credit!

There’s been some updates with the Tillery’s, progress with cousins and new information we’ll be adding over the next couple of days. We’re looking into a Rountree branch descended from Mary Ann Lenox and Andrew Jackson Tillery. I’ll write up how that turns out.

Beyond that, it’s insane here. Really, it might as well be the full moon for all the insanity. I mean we’re usually busy, added to the burst of genealogy stuff it’s been nutso, but the added crazy… Well, it’s making things special! Oh and the weather has been all storms, which makes me happy but my grass has grown a foot! And the kids are sick of being inside. So, that’s my personal bit in there. 🙂
I’ll be here tomorrow, same bat time and same bat channel! More updates to come!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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