Movin’ Skeletongen.com today, maybe tomorrow too depending on how it goes!

Posting Member: Jenn – But in all honestly, Mark is telling me what to say!
Topic: Skeletongen.com is down while we move it to the other server…

Nothing is affected by these changes but the Family Tree for now, and hopefully it’ll be back to fully functional by tomorrow.  Once the second site is moved then we’re all good to go and shouldn’t need to move anything around – Which is super positive, yay for all the hard work that’s gone into moving and that it’s almost over!

We won’t have to make any other changes unless we decide to reload the tree, but that has a pile of deciding factors involved.  Like if the notes finally work right, and if we upgrade to the latest TNG program…  Lots of things that aren’t getting decided upon until there’s a group meeting of minds far more techie than mine 🙂
More soon…

Update 9pm 30 Jun 2014:  The Family Tree is still down.  We’re having some trouble getting the site to propagate to the new host. Not much we can do until it all gets it’s act together…  On a good note – Website updates are getting all done behind the scenes.  We’ll let ya’ll know when we have anything to report!

Update 9:29pm 1 Jul 2014: Skeletongen FINALLY propagated and we’ve escaped the host that shall not be named.  Now the techs are busily setting everything for the tree back up!  After a mini meeting the other night it was agreed that we are going to upgrade to the newest TNG edition, it’s like 10.02 or something…  We’ll post a note when those updates begin.  In the interim, there’s quite a few articles slowly going on line, and we’re busy doing all sorts of productive stuffs 🙂  Thanks for your support and patience!

Our Guru of technical devices is always in the middle of things. Mark is in charge of running all of our hardware, software and programing. From grave photography to blogging and family history, he is our problem solver and independent thinker always helpful in putting together whatever the group has worked up. If you have comments, questions or concerns voice them to him at Mark@SnowStones.com.

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