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Wall-e and Gravin’ and AKWARD FindAGrave.com issues.

Posting Member: Jenn, Jake & Markus
Topic: Gravin’, Wall-e, and an ISSUE with FindAGrave.com
Family Name Associations: Alliston Union Cemetery
Location: Home now, Alliston earlier.
Mood: Tired!  But I took 800 some odd shots today, in that heat!

First off, I’ve been slow with introducing my new baby, his name is Wall-e…  His flash is adorable and was the whole way he got his name.  My children are decidedly jealous that I’m showering him with outrageous affection, and the boys were not too jealous until they started noticing his shutter speed… and maybe his mega pixels might have made them drool a little.  But we’re spoiled and worth it!
Wall-e had his first in field testing today, and after 3 hours was warm to the touch, but picture quality is absolutely fantastic and beyond my own issues of not having picked a strap yet (It’s important to get the RIGHT strap!  I’m allowed to be fussy!) and therefore my arms aching from the same position forever, we did some pretty snappy work.  He is SO light.  I mean, no comparison…  NONE to any other camera ever…  I’m just starting to learn all his little quirks, but it was a joy to just be out playing.  Actually, I made all the other cameras even more jealous when I used one of them to take this shot of him…  I’m such a bad camera mother.  Really!

So, we went gravin’ to Alliston today, the kids all came along and got to work!  I’ll post a nice scenery pic just to show off photo quality and what a beautiful day it was…

Met two lovely people, wow it was a busy cemetery!  And an adorable little dog named Angus who was sooo cute, Rue was in love with him at the first ball toss.  And found out there are some stones in that cemetery that are at least 260 years old, which was WAY older than any of us realized.  We didn’t get into the oldest corner of it all, I don’t think, but some of the stones inlaid into the ground were just crushed and quickly deteriorating.  I sent out a few e-mails tonight in vague hopes of connecting families with what’s left of those memorials, but I alone took over 800 shots, so there’s going to be a fair amount of processing time in getting everything loaded…

Which leads to me my last part of my post for tonight, because I had the STRANGEST thing happen while I was working on uploading photos and memorials tonight on FindAGrave, and I’m super… Disappointed, I guess.  Everyone in genealogy knows Ancestry.com was attacked by some sort of crazed hacker THING recently.  It was down the last week of the ‘project’…  I was viciously unamused and resentful.  I’d sort of thought they’d gotten their ducks in a row.  Maybe I’m a blind optimist?
So, there I am uploading, and a few of the ads along the side lately have blown up into huge pages of nonsense, which reminds me, I need to run programs to make sure we’re all safe from malware now…
I ignored the first few porn ads, and then I just couldn’t.  I actually broke down and wrote on the forum.  It’s unheard of to get me in the forum, I HATE the forum.  HATE IT.  I’ve asked two questions ever I think…  And I’ve had more questions that I’ve forgone finding out answers to just to avoid having to deal with the psychos.  Billy Currington is totally right, beer is good and people are crazy!  All I could think was, I told two people about that site today…  And look, there’s someone’s Grandmother’s grave with a girl taking all her clothes off beside her.  It made me feel sick 🙁  And awkward.  And I was just getting back to even gravin’ at all because I’d been busy with the project, but I’d also had a few strange situations where people were super aggressive and rude…

So now I feel double icky.  Will it stop me from posting?
Catch 22.  I really, really like helping out.  And I know that twice this week ‘Billon Graves’ popped up in searches I was running, but I’m crazy loyal.  Silly, but I started with FindAGrave over five years ago with Mar, I have my memorials, the group is always all good with doing stuff with them and posting our stuff with them…  And really, rude people shouldn’t be able to ruin it for any of us.
If this was Ancestry’s taking over, they suck.  It’s not cool 🙁

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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