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A Message from Down Under

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This week in the old inbox, we received a message from a lady named Marie, who lives in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.  If she’s right in her thinking, she’d be quite a distant cousin (no pun intended) connected possibly through Janet Jessie Sutherland, who would be my Great x3 Grandmother.  I’ve written her back, and as always happens, I’m now extremely impatient for a reply. LOL
I’m sure it’s about the same time in Australia, albeit Tomorrow isn’t it?  Why hasn’t she written back yet?
I just looked it’s 2am there.  DOH!
The Sutherland’s and Levack’s (Levach, Laveck etc.) intermarried a few times in the Caithness area of Scotland, and Levack was a common middle name for quite a few of my Great Aunts and Cousins.  Jessie, Margaret, Donald, Alexander etc. were also common first names.  Mind you this was Scotland, and while I love my heritage, the naming conventions were…fun, and it seems like everyone in my family was named for a previous generation…or 20.
Now I’m back into Ancestry trying to discover more on these lines.  I’d hit a brick wall a couple years ago, and haven’t revisited them since.  I did find Janet Jessie’s marriage record to Benjamin Levack, which I didn’t have before, so I’ve already made progress.
Scotland is such a mess with records, I’m sure we’ve mentioned this a few dozen times.  We need a big lottery win so we can either go over there and browse the records ourselves, or pay for the records from here.  I’m more for a road/plane trip myself.
I wonder if I could do a Kickstarter campaign…Anyways, that’s enough babbling from me for now.  Just had to share some of the excitement.Happy Wednesday!
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