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Alright, so much, yet so little has happened since the last update. We’ve been working like fiends. Actually, Mark and Jenn have been working like fiends, I’ve been slacking in the online working department.
We’ve updated the TNG Software that houses the Family Tree data. Jenn’s updated and refreshed the look and feel of the website, done some amazing new graphics, and has been just overall awesome. They both have.
We have a new Facebook group page. I almost feel like we’ve gone into the world of mass marketing. But really, what’s the point of all this work if we can’t connect?
The group is closed, so you must ask to join, or we have to ask you to join. In light of past happenings, we’re taking as many security precautions as possible.
We’re back on Find A Grave, I have a cajillion pictures to still sort through, and we’re still working on sorting through all the data on the tree, and getting everything sorted back out.

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