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We were going to make a big post right about New Years, but decided that waiting until the beginning of March made more sense – Between Chinese New Years and ‘the month of Birthdays’ we usually get over run.  But given it’s almost March, here’s the most recent news!

Big changes are coming our way!  It’s finally time for Closet Skeletons to get back on track.  We’ve had sooo much going on these last two years it’s been necessary to focus on the living, but we have to get back to writing these records.  We knew when we started, that this is a life long project, and life might intervene but we’re in for the long haul.
There have been several developments we haven’t posted about in our blog, but that will change as we get more organized and the websites are revised.  We’re in the final stages of moving things to our new host, and getting set up might take the better part of 2012 but as always, our research is going to come first.

We didn’t have any trips planned for 2012, but an impromptu research opportunity in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A came calling and Jake is there right now digging up as much of the past as he can.  We know much more than we did the last time he was there, so we’re hoping for some positive Cemetery confirmations and possible headstone photos to encourage our research there on McKenna,and O’Neill lines.  There will probably be some progress with the Dorng line as well, it’s impossible not to learn more when we all get together!

Morton and Scott lines are coming along nicely as well.  We’re hoping for a long over due trip to Gananoque before too long, a lot depends on Canadian weather this year.  Lots of cemetery work to do there.  We also have several trips to Orillia Ontario to work into our busy lives, as the Lecuyer/Lequyer and Moynagh families have a ton of mixed up history we’re going to have to comb over with a fine tooth!

As far as how we have been running things and what will change and what will stay the same…  The blog is going to be open to our team to post on – Meaning I’m not going to have to do all the talking!  Jake will most likely be picking up the update posts with a little from me.  I’m going to be working on uploading more, and making some serious contributions to Find A Grave.  As well, Mum and Dad are going to be taking a more active roll in research and investigation.  So much so that they’re getting their own spots right on our team wall!  They’ve always been a huge part of our research, but their going to be full fledged members now… We’re proud to call them our own!  Or they’re finally having to claim us in public 😀
We’re also going to have a little bit of a site facelift once we’ve got the websites running the way they’re supposed to.  Gotta keep up with the times!

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Thanks for reading, hope you’re all keeping well!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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