Genealogy Update


We are aware the website is down at the moment. At this point it looks to be probably about another year before we’re ready/able to get things back up and running to the norm.
We’ve suffered a loss in one of our branches, and are adapting. We thank you for your patience.
At this time, going forward, please refrain from contacting Jennifer, as time is at a premium right now, and we are focussing on the living. So sadly, our ancestors will have to have patience with us. 🙂
We’re also looking into the facebook angle, as it never really took off as we expected it to. At this time, the facebook group is locked down.

Feel free to contact Jake at, and he will return correspondence as time allows.

We hope in the future to get back into unearthing our previous generations, but right now, it is not feasible.

The Administration of the Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society. aka Jake

Tech Geek and Adventurer, Jake spends his time on research and development to keep us in the latest and greatest of tools and equipment. Always one for traipsing off to any location, his passion for travel, photography and history pushes us to never quit. Also find Jake in his personally crafted fortress of Blogdom: Random Acts of Jake

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