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TNG, Jim McKenna and the Shamrocks and an Update :)

Topic: A general update with lots of babble.
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Okay, so… HUGE issue with Legacy and TNG has lead to a total revamp of the McKenna/Hedgecoe line, who needs it? Not me baby. I’d rather eat LEAD. So we’ve been pulling ourselves back from the brink but seriously it’s sucked the whole time. Double people, crazy sources we don’t know where they originated from, children having parents having grandparents… Cats and dogs living together in sin! Sorry, Bill Murray moment there…
Um, yeah, it’s sucked the big one. I keep saying if we’re ready by June I’ll be happy, but I’m lying. I really want to be ready to go NOW… It’s just so not happening.

We worked on Tartans tonight, Jules is the Tartan Queen. So we’ll get those done, and sometime I’ll get my butt going on the crests – Ugh they totally bum me out. It’s the colours, we were working in b&w but what’s the point of that? Everyone needs colour! So we’re still sort of …
OH!!! Jim just brought me icecream. Yes, I know it’s 10:52pm… ICECREAM WITH HOT FUDGE SAUCE… Yes, I know it’s still snowing outside. Oh oh oh! I LOVE ICECREAM!!!
Holy cows I don’t even know what I was talking about, holy COWS!!! Jim is my absolute favourite, seriously!!!

Okay, um, sorry. Update, yes… Oh, James Henry McKenna and the nightmare of American Census… Yes, okay.
So we know James was a hockey player and won the Stanley Cup, which us uber cool… Except someone on Wikipedia screwed that all up, there he’s listed as Joe McKenna, and linked to some guy born in 1951… HELLO???
How did he win Stanley cups in 1899 and 1901 and was born in 1951… Seriously that’s just sloppy. We’ll set them straight, but GEEZ. LOL As I’m all mean, I should be nice, after all, I have icecream and poor Wikipedia just has the wrong man.

The good news there is that once we figure out who the right guy is, we’re going to have actual photos of James Henry McKenna. How frigging exciting is that? And I thought having one of Charles was the bomb. This guy is history made solid, it just rocks.

Okay… So we have James in 1901 with Bridget before her death, and then we loose him… Think we might have picked him up in Chicago in 1920… But the Census looks like it was written by a youtube flying monkey, and is completed wacked.
We might just publish it in the ‘Hey, general world, if you know the answer to this question please explain it to us!’ Pile…
Anyways, through all the insanity, we were in google looking at a street map of the house – or in this case where the house WASN’T, and I got to see the streetview in action. That is so super cool, and I know I’m a dork but really, WOW… I was impressed. Okay, so I was like a small child with a lot of candy… It was super fun.

Back to James, it’s been indicated he dies in 1928, so the 1920 census is all we have to go on, and if he’s single with no wife then… Well, it’s not looking promising to his line continuing on.
I’d really, really like to get a hold of that Catholic Church in Chicago and their records… I wonder what we’d have to do. We could send LA, seriously, I think that’s going to be her new job… Church liason! LOL 😉

Alright… So what else?
Oh… I made e-mail sigs and joined a message board – Jim’s going to help me make it work – Seriously we all know I’m new.
They have a huge hockey section and I’m hoping someone will have more info on the Shamrocks.

I think that’s about it jellybeans… Seriously, it’s like I just come here and talk to myself for an hour, really, someone needs to get a blog-login and talk to me!!!
So night for now 🙂

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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