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Our updates section on the site was getting too big, and we’d discussed this option in full about a month ago, but TNG and it’s rampant overpowering of everything we do happened… Sucking out our will to live! Or at least make site edits. So, here’s what we added to the site, and we’ll be posting our updates to our smarmy new blog as they come up. Woohooo!!! We rock. Like Rockstars!

05/07/08 Well, we’re progressing. Big progress with the St. Vrain family in Missouri, we’re getting along in Legacy pretty well, and once we’re happy with the basic tree we’ll import it to TNG and set it up. No further work on a lot of online stuff… It’s been pretty hardcore research lately. Up to our eyeballs in books and records. We’ve had a major setback with the cemetery transcriptions up in Northern Ontario, we’re thinking we’ll just do a photo record at this point – mapping is our biggest nightmare and without gps there’s not a lot of hope of it getting any easier. Considering getting non-profit status as well… So many options, so little time!

19/06/08 Lots accomplished today. We’re not going to have a Mid Summer grand opening, but close enough! The Keffer Tree is online, vaguely, Marks been adding Googlemaps and Jenn’s been helping drive him batty by touching things she shouldn’t. is running with the addition of The Next Generation Genealogy software. We’ve got records galore to upload, things to organize… But we’re getting there. Go team!

17/06/08 Long gruelling hours and little sleep… And that’s before we start researching. Some site changes, but really we had Father’s Day activities until we were all near death this weekend so little got done. We’ve decided to post a War Memorial for soldiers, Jenn’s working on the graphics. Jules has been on the phone with Monument companies all morning about getting Rose Lequyer’s headstone repaired and Mark’s been up to his eyeballs in genealogy website program possibilities. Jenn still thinks we should go Linux and use ‘The Next Generation’ stuff. It would work wonders for the phpbb too, but it’s lotsa work. New computer should be up and running asap. WooHoo!

07/06/08 Huge breakthrough last night. We’re thinking about some sort of blog… Probably for Jenn to keep up because that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The super computer is also on the mend after a brutal reformatting. We’ve got some cool new fonts, and our play lists have been recovered – THANK ALL THAT’S HOLY – Because we were going mental with satellite pop adult mixes. Oh and the message boards are in the works. Sort of.Anyways – Breakthrough with the Berry line… We had a lost son that we pieced together with his wife and her family after hours of diligent footwork. It really is just another piece of the puzzle that is ‘Berry’. But from one person’s name to an entire family tree is nothing to sneeze at either. Oh, and we’re considering a flash intro… Maybe. So many options, and so few minions to accomplish the evil deeds.

06/06/08 A lot going on behind the scenes right now. There’s huge amounts of Heraldry that are almost sorted out, once it’s 100% we’ll post. We’re beginning a Google Notebook at Vulcan Phil’s suggestion… Too bad he can’t be here to teach Jenn how to use it! Between Phil and Mark it’ll get sorted out… And LA, because she’s the Princess of You-Tube How-Tos! So look out for graphics, links, heraldry additions and so much more we can’t even think of it all!

30/05/08 This board, for starters. We’ve had a productive day, with the addition of the Site Map and the Thanks and Links page. We’re still working the bugs out of the way we’re going to display the html pages for the Family Lines, it’s giving Jake a few grey hairs. We’re hoping this weekend gives us the opportunity to get the website public – and to get our membership concepts figured out. And maybe we’ll actually find some time to get to a few cemeteries in all that. Go Team!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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