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Progress. Yeehaw!

Topic: What we got done this weekend 🙂
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Location: Back in Barrie, sorry I didn’t blog in Bracebridge!
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So, WOW what a weekend. We got to Bracebridge around 3 on Saturday, loaded with goodies, and ready to work. All in all… We went through a super long lesson on how to add documents in TNG, we found the rest of what we think we’re ever going to find in Family Mottos and Crests to add to our research section… And we hunted for an explanation of the Bentley’s. No answers there, we’re going to have to keep looking.
We also joined Find-A-Grave – Which I will post more on with links and such… But it was a super productive start for Jules and I because we’re going about putting memorials (Virtual ones for now!) Up for some of the people we’ve located through that great service.

We plan on adding a lot of our own records in there, but for now we’re just trying to get our own site up. Personally, I think the more places you have information posted, the more chances you have of reaching out to people seeking their heritage… And people seeking information. And it’s all about sharing, right?

So… There’s all that.
Really it was just super good to be together doing stuff on the Eastern front. We’re all really looking forward to getting together more often – And not just for the Kevie Burgers – Which were fantastic.
Alright, so that’s my update.
We’ve now inputted the entire McKenna-Hedgecoe Tree, and the entire Graham Tree, with names like Boxall and McMillan in association. We’re just adding documents as I speak 😉
Live before June, that’s my goal.
May 1, maybe??? Go team!

Always one for making things pretty, Jenn is our resident artist. Métis, British Home Child Descendant, family historian and genealogist, she is always looking into some new branch of research and encourages historical preservation and education.

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