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A Family Reunion of Sorts – Not Our Family Though

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So, today we went and got some shots for Find A Grave.  Not really family related business, but definitely connected to our passion for Genealogy, and our desire to help out.
We hit up 3 cemeteries in Barrie today;
St. Mary’s Catholic
Barrie Union
and St. Paul’s Anglican

We spent about an hour at each and between Jenn, Bug and I we got about 1500 pictures, give or take.
SO, now the fun task of going through them all, sorting, and cross referencing to make sure we’re not doubling up someone else’s work on Find a Grave.  So far I’ve run into one family that already had images up.

The main idea of the day was to fill a few photo requests that were up on Find a Grave, and also take a tonne of other pictures, as pics were lacking from the cemeteries.
I’ve gotten about 70 new people added into St. Mary’s with about 200 more to go just for that one. LOL

I think I’m going to stop for the night however.
I had a nagging feeling about a grave for a young child.  Billie Madigan was his name, and his parents were listed as Mr and Mrs J Madigan.  I get to pictures from a couple rows up and a few stones down, and there are more Madigan’s listed.  So, I went into research mode to see if I could match this kid up with these other people.  45 minutes later, I have reunited young Billie with his parents and older brother, as well as a nephew.
Now I’ll be able to sleep.  🙂


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