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A little more music selection from Walk off the Earth, aren’t they talented?  And singing Adele!

Well…  I have been very, very busy!  First off, big huge squishy thanks to Marcia for taking a look at the Margaret Moynaugh record and being able to read that she was 70 years old upon her death, as well as confirming what I could read.  That was a difficult record!

And second thanks to maybe cousins Patsy and Mike, who have helped answer some very big questions about the line of Michael Joseph McKenna.  They’ve started to help me piece together James McKenna’s life…  Who was hospitalized in State hospitals in 1920 and 1930.  It ends up, James was a Private in the First World War.  We’re still working at putting together some documentation, but he was buried 5 Sep 1961 in Danville National Cemetery in Illinois.  I’ll post what we find as it comes up.

So, in a call to Notre Dame des Neiges yesterday I spoke to a very nice woman who was not able to confirm Margaret’s death, but pointed out who could!  Which was helpful.
Our next step is going to be contacting Notre Dame Basilica who apparently has the only existing original documents and having them confirm Margaret’s burial plot – Which it doesn’t do on the document we have.  Actually, the woman who was helping me said that the burial number of 1953 was highly unusual and didn’t make a lot of sense for the 11 Jun 1876 date.
Basically, the burial number is the amount of bodies buried since the beginning of the year, by Jun it should be two to three thousand.  More of the puzzle that makes up the McKennas at this point!

Notre Dame will also add the deaths we can get confirmed to their records.  We still have Thomas William, his son James O’Neill and his daughter Margaret Ann Josephine that we’ve recovered and have no proof of burial on as well.

So what are we looking for?
Well, at this point, we’re looking for proof, still, that Margaret McKenna is Margaret Moynaugh.  We need to locate Thomas McKenna, born in 1800 Ireland who was in Chicago in 1870 and then we think was in Quebec when his wife died in 1876.  The death record was not signed at all, which is disappointing for us.  And if there were witnesses at the end of the document there, we can’t read them.  If anyone has any ideas, please write in.

We did contact some Moyna researchers as well, to see if they had anything that might help us make some connections.  We’ll see what we can find!

And I think that’s about all the update I have for right now.  I’ve just contacted someone from the Clement line on Ancestry, so we’ll see where that leads us 🙂  Always seeking out more…
We are also going to get some big work done on the Hume/Morris line, and the Berry/Dean line sometime this week to try and catch up a bit.
Hope everyone enjoyed that pint, or they’re getting out to do so! Sláinte!

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